Our Resources

Saint David’s Parish School makes excellent use of its foothills environment and facilities to offer its comprehensive programs and to deliver a rich curriculum. 

Our facilities include:

  • Completed in 2020, our new double story building comprises of open plan spaces including a kitchen and art area, STEM room, Key Literacy room and 8 state of the art classrooms.
  • A large indoor Gymnasium that is utilised for Physical Education lessons, indoor sports, assemblies and a variety of community events.
  • Multiple outdoor play areas consisting of two hard-court areas, a grassed oval, tennis courts, a covered courtyard, two playgrounds and a nature play garden with a man-made creek and covered fish pond.
  • A well-resourced Music Suite including a large open space for class music lessons and specialist group music rehearsals with additional smaller rooms for one on one instrument tuition sessions.
  • A specialist Italian Language Room, which is set-up to immerse students in all aspects of our Italian Language Program. 
  • An inviting, well-resourced Library sits at the heart of our school and is open to students throughout the day as a place to foster their love of books, play games or enjoy some quiet time out.
  • A light and bright Before and After School Care (OSHC) space provides a welcome home to students outside our standard school hours and features a fully functional kitchen, movie space and creative play area.
  • A Canteen providing a wide variety of healthy options for students with online ordering facilities.
  • Interactive whiteboards in all our learning spaces providing opportunities for the students to become more actively involved in the learning process and enable us to deliver a richer curriculum.
  • Banks of school owned laptops ensure that every Year 5 and 6 student has access to their own portable device.
  • Class sets of iPads in our Reception to Year 4 class rooms ensures that mobile technology can be used at all year levels to enhance learning.
  • Desktop computers are available in our Reception classrooms to support learning outcomes.
  • A pool of age specific robot technology including BeeBots (Reception to Year 2), ProBots (Years 3-4) and Edison Robots (Years 5-6) support learning around coding and robotic technology.
nat play6.jpg

Nature Play Garden

While there is a huge amount of research that supports the benefits that daily contact with nature has on children, we can see examples of this each and every day as our students engage in our Nature Play Space.

Our Nature Play Space has a rocky creek bed leading to a fish pond, lots of natural elements such as logs, rocks and trees for climbing on and around, a mud play area for making marvelous creations and some tunnels to explore.

Whether it is observing the cause and effect of their actions when they divert water in the creek bed or experimenting with the best way to construct a bridge or it may be investigating the birds and insects that inhabit the area, the positive learning outcomes are clearly evident. The space is a great place for students to learn problem-solving, valuable social skills such as communication and teamwork as well as gaining a deeper appreciation and respect for nature and the environment.

One of the greatest benefits that we have seen through the Nature Play Space installation is the positive impact on mood, general feelings of happiness and reduction in stress among our students.  

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