Our Resources

Saint David’s Parish School makes excellent use of its foothills environment and facilities to offer comprehensive programs and deliver a rich curriculum.

Our facilities include:

  • Multiple outdoor play areas consisting of two hard-court areas, a grassed oval, tennis courts, a covered courtyard, two playgrounds and a nature play garden.
  • A large indoor Gymnasium
  • A new double storey building housing our Reception to Year 2 classes. The design of the building promotes 21st century learning with opportunities to join classes together and support learners with an education that promotes creative thinking. Sliding doors in each classroom connect student learning with the outdoors and the natural world. The inclusion of a dedicated STEM room and two common spaces enhances a sense of community and provides flexible learning opportunities.
  • A well-resourced Music Suite including a large open space for class music lessons with additional smaller rooms for one on one instrument tuition sessions.
  • A specialist Italian Language Room
  • A well-resourced Library
  • Interactive whiteboards or LED Display screens in all learning spaces
  • 1:1 devices for students in Years 4-6
  • Shared laptops for Year 3 students
  • Banks of iPads in our Reception to Year 2 classrooms
  • Our preschool learning hub, which is home to our Playgroup, Bright Stars Program and mid-year Transition intake.
  • A Canteen providing a wide variety of healthy options for students with online ordering facilities.
  • A friendly and welcoming Before and After School Care (OSHC) space.

Nature Play Garden

While there is a huge amount of research that supports the benefits that daily contact with nature has on children, we can see examples of this each and every day as our students engage in our Nature Play Space.

Our Nature Play Space has a rocky creek bed, lots of natural elements such as logs, rocks and trees for climbing on and around, balance beams, metal wirli-wirli frames, rope bridges and a mud kitchen area for making marvelous muddy creations.

Whether it is observing the cause and effect of their actions when they divert water in the creek bed or experimenting with the best way to construct a bridge or it may be investigating the birds and insects that inhabit the area, the positive learning outcomes are clearly evident. The space is a great place for students to learn problem-solving, valuable social skills such as communication and teamwork as well as gaining a deeper appreciation and respect for nature and the environment.

One of the greatest benefits that we have seen through the Nature Play Space installation is the positive impact on mood, general feelings of happiness and reduction in stress among our students.  

To have a look around our Nature Play Space and some of the recent changes, have a look at this Video -> CLICK HERE to view in Youtube

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