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At Saint David’s Parish School we are proud to be an organisation that values and cares for all its employees. We are guided by our strong Catholic values of excellence, kindness, faith and community that are practiced throughout the entire school. We operate with the aim of providing a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for our students with core focuses on learning and well-being.

Are you a passionate teacher who believes you can make a real difference in the lives of your students? Are you always looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to your classroom? Do you believe that every child deserves to succeed? Then we want to hear from you! 

Saint David’s welcomes applications that are advertised on the Horizons website from individuals sharing our values to join our community. 

If you are interested in a temporary/relief role, please personally deliver your resume to our office with original versions of your teacher registration, first-aid certifications, mandatory reporting (RAN) training and photographic identification.

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