Principal's Welcome

Join us for the journey!

When I was appointed the Principal back in 2017, I was really excited to expand on the quality education already being provided at Saint David’s Parish School.

It is my personal vision that our school be known as an innovative, creative and informed centre for learning. To drive this objective we have dramatically increased our focus on the core skills of numeracy and literacy. Last year we introduced a new way of teaching called Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). EDI lessons are highly structured, very energetic and staff, students and families are all seeing fantastic results! EDI is a proven teaching method, backed by lots of research that can be used to teach all subject areas however we are currently focusing on literacy and numeracy. To support this new goal, teachers have been provided with increased skills training, now have access to more data to guide their lesson planning and we have also invested heavily in an increased range of technology to extend educational capabilities across all our classrooms.

In addition to EDI, we are also expanding our school-wide focus in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) having recruited a dedicated Director of STEM Education to drive innovation and deliver exciting educational experiences for our students.

At the end of 2018 we commenced construction of our new early years building. Building works are progressing according to plans to we hope to have this building ready to open later on this year (2019). Our STEM learning zone will also be located in this building to ensure that every child in our school gets to opportunity to access this new space.

It is certainly a really positive environment to be a part of and we are exceptionally proud of all that we are achieving as a community and of what is still to come. The possibilities for our students are endless! The world is at their fingertips and we want to expose them to as many learning opportunities as possible while they are here to ensure that they are ready for whatever comes their way.

We are really excited about the future at Saint David’s and the progressive strategies that we have put in place to create a contemporary and innovative learning environment for our students. 

I would love you to join me for a tour of the school so that you can see for yourself just what makes this school special.

Leanne Lawler