Saint David's Parish School has a compulsory school uniform which all students are required to wear.

The summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4; the winter uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3. There is a sports uniform for Physical Education which students wear on the days they have Physical Education or Unit Sport Lessons. Full uniform details are available in the Uniform List document.

The summer, winter and sport styles of uniforms can be seen in the photo gallery below.

Where to buy the school uniform

The complete range of uniform requirements may be purchased from:

Devon Clothing Uniform Shop
Shop 24, Clovercrest Plaza
249 Montague Road, Modbury North
Phone: 8396 6465 Fax: 8373 0875

Online ordering is also available from http://onlineshop.devonclothing.com.au/stdavidsps.

Uniform Gallery