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Music is an important focus at Saint David's Parish School where all students participate in weekly music lessons and engage in a range of musical activities. While students spend a great deal of time working hands on with the variety of instruments that we have on offer, they also spend time using online technology to create their own music and manipulate audio.

Music develops feelings of confidence, enjoyment and inclusion in our students. Throughout their school life, opportunities are provided for students to participate in a range of performance ensembles, including the school band, junior and senior choirs, and a percussion troupe.

Saint David's Parish School is proud of its continuing participation in the Catholic Schools Music Festival, as well as whole school performance opportunities such as Carols by Candlelight.

Private music tuition is available from Year 1.

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Music Tuition Program and Instrument Lessons

  • Carols by Candlelight
  • Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir
  • Junior Choir
  • Instrumental Recital Afternoons
  • Percussion Troupe
  • School Band
  • Saint David's Singers

Private tuition is available through the Instrumental Program during the school week, with a variety of tutors on a range of instruments including guitar, voice, drums, ukulele, piano, keyboard, violin, flute and recorder.