Our curriculum focuses on the academic, social and emotional development of every student and is based on:

Specialist Curriculum areas that complement the curriculum taught at Saint David’s include Music, Italian, Physical Education, Library and Information Communication Technology.

We are continually developing our curriculum using national initiatives, system initiatives and priorities within the school itself. Our teachers continuously undertake their own professional learning opportunities, which they bring into their classrooms and ensure teaching is relevant and engaging for your child.

What does the Curriculum look like in class?

In class, your child will be encouraged to develop group work and collaboration skills, to demonstrate what they already know and understand and to listen to each other to understand the variety of ways that other students learn.

Our Reception classes are taught literacy and numeracy using the EDI approach which has seen some outstanding results across all students in these classes. Find out more about this approach by visiting EDI Information

Our Year 1 and 2 classes also use the EDI approach in core areas as well as exploring learning through a play-based and inquiry approach with positive support and encouragement.

Your Year 3 to Year 5 student will develop their skills of becoming self-directed, independent lifelong learners through inquiry-based learning. They'll be  involved in hands on activities, thinking skills and problem solving skills, and are encouraged to take risks, show initiative and learn to take more responsibility for their behaviour.

In Year 6, students embrace cooperative learning, thinking and problem solving skills, leadership and social skills, environmental awareness and access to technology that enables them to reach their full potential as they move onto secondary education.