Diverse Learning Needs


At Saint David’s Parish School, we have a strong commitment to education and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to shine. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and work with our students and families to unlock personal strengths and characteristics.

At Saint David’s, we strongly believe that it is the responsibility of all teachers to support our learners.

To meet the needs of all learners, programs are differentiated within the classroom setting. International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) and Maths Club are examples of opportunities for accelerated learners.

For students needing additional support with their learning, we offer a number of flexible learning support programs depending on resourcing and student needs.

Some of these programs have included:

  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
  • Gross Motor Skills Program
  • Small classroom group work and one on one support is also provided as required
  • NESSY - Reading and Spelling Program
  • Tier 3 Support is for students who require additional literacy assistance. It is an intensive, multisensory program focusing on phonetic instruction and the alphabetic principle.

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