EDI - Explicit Direct Instruction

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What is EDI?

Explicit Direct Instruction

Explicit Direct Instruction is a way to teach students that helps them learn more and faster and most importantly, remember what they are taught!

A clear learning objective is written on the board at the start of the lesson so students know what they are learning. You will see the WALT displayed in the room. This stands for We Are Learning To....

The backbone of this method of teaching is the continual checking for understanding and ensuring students have understood each step of a concept before moving on to the next stage. This method of instruction provides teachers with real-time opportunities to make crucial instructional decisions (such as re-teaching) during lesson delivery.

Every student in our school has a mini-whiteboard which is used to demonstrate understanding and comprehension of new words and/or concepts. This enables teachers to quickly scan for and check student understanding.

Students each have a specific 'learning spot' that positions them in the best place for learning depending on their individual needs. 

We have seen exceptional improvements in learning since implementing this method of teaching at our school. 

What is EDI?

Does EDI help ALL students at our school with their learning including students with learning needs?

EDI is beneficial to all of our students because:

  • lessons are more effective, efficient, high energy and dynamic
  • teachers check for understanding every 2-3 minutes
  • teachers design and deliver lessons that use repetition to explicitly teach content to all students
  • the use of whiteboards gives teachers immediate visual confirmation that all students understand the concepts
  • it is faster and easier to identify any students who have not understood concepts and alter teaching due to the continual checking for understanding
  • repetition ensures that there are multiple learning opportunities