Student Wellbeing

Student Well-being / Pastoral Care

Our Student Well-being Program is the commitment Saint David’s School makes to the total health, comfort and happiness of our students and with the education and development of the ‘whole child’. In this ‘whole child’ approach we recognise that each and every child within our care deserves to be safe, healthy, engaged, encouraged and challenged.

The core aims are to ensure that we are providing an environment that is welcoming, respectful, safe and healthy for the whole school community, that we promote inclusion and celebrate diversity, where everyone feels like they belong.

Some of the ways that we cater to individual students include:
  • We use the KidsMatter mental health and well-being framework to support our students in their social and emotional learning and are a nationally accredited school. The KidsMatter Program was developed in collaboration with the Commonwealth Government Department of Health, beyondblue, the Australian Psychological Society, Principals Australia Institute and Early Childhood Australia.
  • Offering a broad and comprehensive range of activities and extra-curricular opportunities to give all students the opportunity to develop a sense of pride and feeling of success;
  • Providing all our students with positive role models, mentoring opportunities and support in forming meaningful relationships to assist them through their school lives
  • Offering many leadership opportunities to students at all levels
  • Offering support programs (Seasons of Growth) to students who may be experiencing grief and loss due to separation or death
  • Providing access to our on-site counselor to help children manage everyday challenges and our school chaplain who provides additional support with student well-being. 
  • Every student learns skills for creating and sustaining strong and healthy relationships through our focus on restorative practice 

Diversity and equality

We respect the uniqueness of each individual and family situation within our community.

We celebrate diversity with our families coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, diverse family groups and diverse economic situations.

As a Catholic school, we have a deep belief in the value of community and our responsibility to show kindness and respect to each other.

School Counsellor

We have a counsellor available one day a week to work in partnership with students, teachers and parents to enhance students’ social and emotional wellbeing.

Work is child focused and child inclusive with the process of counselling informed by the student’s needs, goals and developmental level.

Our counselling service is available to all of our students. Counsellors provide personal and confidential counselling to students who attend voluntarily in a 1:1 school setting. Students may ask to attend the counsellor themselves or may be referred to see the counselor by the Principal, teaching staff or parents. Parental consent is required for students who are in Reception to Year 4. Please complete the consent document below and forward it to the Front Office.

To make a time to see the School Counsellor, please complete the online form below.

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